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This website has been developed in part due to the increasing demand over the last eighteen months for help with the teaching of unfamiliar subject areas in the changing GCSE Science curriculum. It is also our intention to increase awareness of the subject generally across the education sector, in an effort to increase student numbers across UK Higher Education. Materials Science has been identified by the government as a strategically important yet vulnerable subject area.

About the UK Centre for Materials Education

The UK Centre for Materials Education exists to support and promote high quality education in Materials and related disciplines, by encouraging and coordinating the development and adoption of effective practices in learning, teaching and assessment. The UK Centre for Materials Education is a Subject Centre of the Higher Education Academy, and is based at the University of Liverpool.

About the Higher Education Academy

The Higher Education Academy was formed in October 2004 to "work with the higher education community to enhance all aspects of the student experience". It aims to promote high quality learning and teaching through the development and transfer of good practices in all subject disciplines, and to provide a 'one-stop shop' of learning and teaching resources and information for the HE community. The UKCME is part of the Higher Education Academy's subject centre network that consists of 24 subject centres based in higher education institutions throughout the UK.

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