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boyEvery time you listen to your ipod, ride your bike or send a text message on your mobile phone, you are benefiting from a design influenced at some point by the skills and knowledge of a Material Scientist. Important material choices that affect the strength and rigidity of a mountain bike frame, the durability of an mp3 player shell or the flexibility of a mobile handset key must be made during the development to ensure lasting quality and comfort.

girlIn this section, we have a number of interactive animations that you can play with and use to explore the world around us. Check out the interior materials of a sports car, take a camera apart and examine its component materials or test your knowledge of materials and their uses with our online quizzes!

A set of these animations and more information is also available for free on our Materials Interactive CD-ROM.


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Interactive and fun games - explore the Materials world!
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Play one of our quizzes and see how many questions you can get right first time (though feel free to take as many guesses as you like!)!
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Can you name a famous person who has studied or practised Materials?